Qur’an Halaqa

Do you run/plan to run a Qur’an halaqa?  This class is FREE for serious and committed students of Qur’an like you. This class is offered online only.

Instructor: Dr. Irfan Ahmad Khan

From Oct. 13, we ‘ll start, inshallah, Surah Al-Zumar (#39). Quranic Study is offered every Wednesday at 9 PM. 15 minutes will be devoted to Q&A at the end of study.

Directions for joining the Quranic Study:

1. Go to http://www.dimdim.com
2. Then go to “join meeting”
3. Then enter room name: fiqe1
4. Enter your name.
5. Enter Meeting key: (will be published here right before class)
You are now in the meeting.
You can also join teleconference to be interactive. Dial 1-218-339-0597. When prompted, enter
pass code: 1234567890# (please keep your phone on mute unless you want to talk).

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